We help athletes play pain free without the need for surgery, MRIs or going to physical therapy 2-3x/week

We are so confident our sports doctors can help you be pain-free that we GUARANTEE our services OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Dr. Johnathon helped me out with my Tennis Arm problem in ONE session!! Good man, very educated and made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him.He taught me some exercises that I implemented into my daily routine and they have been working wonders. Talked me through what exactly was going on in my arm and explained how I can make it feel better.I highly recommend him as a Physical Therapist! Thank you so much!
lisa harringtonlisa harrington
21:36 15 Aug 22
My son hurt his back at basketball practice so we called Dr. Johnny and he got us right in the next day. He is not only helping him to relieve pain but also showing him stretches to keep from getting hurt in the future.
Tricia BivenTricia Biven
02:19 12 May 22
Dr. Jonny is amazing at what he does and specializes in. We were referred to him for my 9 year olds heel pain. He was quick to respond and get him seen. He was patient and diligent with my son and really showed he cared! I will definitely recommend him to anyone.
Capri MiddletonCapri Middleton
17:23 05 Apr 22
Dr Jonny is an amazing practitioner! He has given me tools to provide immediate pain relief during my 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. He seems to use his experience, intuition and deep understanding of human physiology to get to the root of any issue I might be having. I feel like new for the entire day of therapy and because of him I’m well educated on how to fix a problem at home if it’s not fully resolved in office. I can feel my body strengthening and healing with each visit. I would recommend him to all of my loved ones!!!
Joshua VillarrealJoshua Villarreal
20:23 31 Mar 22
Always great to work with! Provides great information and understanding to any issues you may have and is always willing to provide extra assistance or help when needed. Dr. Jonny has helped relieve my back pain a ton!

Feeling lost in your rehabilitation journey?

Physical therapy not meeting your expectations?
Feel like there’s more you could be doing?
Maybe you’re out of insurance visits.


We’ll help you take the guesswork out of your knee rehab so you can get back to being you. Feeling like an athlete. Physically and mentally confident. In your knee. In your sport. In your life. From anywhere in the world.

A custom plan and knee expert with you every step of the way. Never worry about the next step in your knee pain journey.

athletes from the following organizations have trusted us to get them back to their sport


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of all sports injuries involve the knee
~ 0 %
of all knee injuries are due to overuse
0 %
of athletes with knee pain don't get better with rest alone
0 x
greater risk for knee injuries/pain if an athlete specializes in one sport
0 %
of all cases of overuse knee pain are resolved by physical therapy


athELITE Performance Therapy one-on-one coaching, remote or in-person.

A solution no matter where you are in the world.



Live near Phoenix? 

Wanting to take your knee rehab to the next level with in-person visits?

Wanting to work with someone who’s gone through this process themselves?

Say less.

This is a rehab and coaching experience like you’ve never experienced before.


No more feeling lost. 

No more settling for what’s down the road. 

No more letting your insurance be in control.

You deserve the best care.

That’s why we created this.

Just for you.

Our athELITE knee program has been tried and tested by hundreds of athletes. 

Rehab and train with us from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are in the process.

Our sports doctors care because we have been there.

Just like you, we have been injured too!

The standard physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques just did not work for us.

We grew frustrated after each system promised to relieve our pain and return our athleticism but ultimately FAILED.

So we created the athELITE Performance Therapy system that helped us and has now helped thousands of athletes eliminate their pain, regain their confidence in their abilities and return to dominating their competition!

VALD Performance Injury Risk Detection System Gives Us Unparalleled Insight Into Performance, Injury Risk and Rehabilitation

Our sports doctors utilize the VALD Performance system to test and progress our athletes. This lets us measure strength, range of motion, power output, endurance, fatigue markers, etc to give us more in-depth data on how our athletes are performing. 

This system lets us compare an athlete’s right side to their left side to show us muscle imbalances to uncover compensation patterns and risk for injury and so much more! We leave no stone unturned when it comes to measuring our athletes for maximum performance. 

 Learn more about this advanced system….


Watch to see how our process has allowed us to help thousands of athletes just like you!


Macros 101

Macros, short for macronutrients, refer to the three major nutrient groups that make up the bulk of our daily calorie intake: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

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