About Us

athELITE Performance Therapy is a rehabilitation clinic unlike many others. athELITE Performance Therapy was born out of a desire to bring the highest quality of physical therapy to our patients in an ever changing world of insurance reimbursement. Over the years insurance reimbursements for physical therapy has steadily declined, while costs to deliver physical therapy and cost of living have increased. In order to increase revenue and maintain profit margins, traditional cookie-cutter physical therapy clinics have simply increased their volume to offset annual decreases in insurance reimbursement. This means that because traditional physical therapy clinics are getting paid less to deliver the same care, they simply stack patients up on top of each other and some therapists end up seeing 20-30 patients a day. This means that while you may be in the clinic for an hour or even longer, you may only get 10-15 minutes of face time with your therapist. 10-15 minutes is not nearly enough to diagnose and treat your condition thoroughly.

Many times patients do not receive the outcomes that are possible and quite frankly, the outcomes they deserve. This is the reason why we only see patients on a 1-to-1 basis for a full hour so that our Doctors can adequately assess and treat your condition. Our focus is to help facilitate the return our patients to the activities they love without pain or discomfort. At athELITE Performance Therapy, our mission is to re-teach our patients how to move and manipulate their bodies in a manner that minimizes stress and chance of injury. Through education and empowerment, we give our patient's the tools to understand and manage their pain throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Jonny Monteiro PT, DPT

Dr. Jonny Monteiro is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy from Long Beach, California. Growing up with a passion for sports and being active, Dr. Jonny naturally gravitated towards the biomedical sciences. Throughout high school and college, Dr. Jonny maintained participation in athletics as his passion for helping others in this sector grew more and more. After receiving an academic scholarship to Arizona State University to study Kinesiology, he was still unsure of the medical field he wanted to practice in. It wasn't until a few internships, observation hours and part-time jobs in multiple medical settings that Dr. Jonny realized his passion for physical therapy and rehabilitation. The allure of changing patient's lives through physical medicine by addressing the root cause of their ailments without the use of medications, surgeries or other costly/painful procedures continued to grow his interest and passion for rehabilitation. The relationships that are built with patients, the impact that therapists have on their patient's lives and quite frankly the impact patient's have on therapist's lives are what solidified Dr. Jonny's choice to pursue physical therapy. After two years+ of helping people live pain-free and regain their quality of life, he hasn't looked back.