athELITE Performance Therapy provides a wide range of services to help people recover from injuries and improve their physical performance.

These services include sports massage, spinal adjustments, dry needling, cupping, sauna, pneumatic compression, red light therapy and assisted stretching.

It is our goal to provide our patients with the best possible care so that they can experience a speedy recovery and get back to doing what they love..

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Sports recovery programs have several benefits, including, but not limited to

Reduced Joint Pain, Swelling and Inflammation

our sports recovery program focuses on addressing physical symptoms such as pain, inflammation and swelling. By addressing these concerns, athletes and physically active individuals can live a better quality of life.

Quicker Sport Recovery

By recovering quicker, less time is spent on the sidelines. This is important, regardless of the sport, as quicker recovery times minimize the risk of future injuries.

Faster Healing and Rehabilitation

When injured, rest is only recommended for a short amount of time. This is because it is essential to remobilize the injured area in order to ensure it heals properly. Proper healing leads to a normal restoration of function and performance.

Increased Blood Circulation

Improving blood flow and circulation enables the body to receive the necessary nutrients it needs to heal, such as oxygen.

Improve Performance Training Results

A proper and full recovery from a sports injury is essential to achieving good performance training results, as injuries that are not completely healed hinder physical capabilities.

Better Quality of Life

It is easy to see how a sports recovery program can improve quality of life. Reducing painful symptoms, improving mobility and enabling full range of motion are essential to living a fulfilling life.