athELITE Performance Therapy has teamed up with VALD Performance to bring our patients the latest, cutting-edge technology that allows us to predict injuries and evaluate performance markers like professional sports teams

Precision Testing for Every Joint of Your Body

We are able to measure the range of motion, strength, peak force, rate of force development, etc of each joint in your body to uncover underlying deficits that cause pain, tightness, and increase risk of injury.

Measure Symmetry by Comparing Right and Left Sides

We can uncover imbalances from right and left sides that can contribute to pain, tightness and increase risk of injury.

View Test Summary Data in Real Time

See data in real time on the VALD App immediately in the clinic. Force, range of motion, strength, rate of force development.

All of Your Data Compiled Into One Central Hub

The Vald Hub puts all of your data in one place. This lets us track your progression over time and gives us insights into the necessary tweaks that need to made to reach your goals.

Using the results of your evaluations, you’ll work with our coaches and therapists to uncover strengths and weaknesses, discuss injury concerns, and set goals to achieve your best performance.